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I have always loved the honest companies diapers and was so excited to try more products I went and got my 4 month old some of the bath and body wash we used it one time yesterday and he broke out in a Awesome Lips Brown Sugar Melanin shirt horrible rash and his whole side of his face got swollen I am so disappointed in this product and hope no one else has to experience this my little guy was in screaming pain the pictures doesn’t even do it justice well I won’t be using any of these products again because they say there so gentle and safe but if that were the case my poor baby wouldn’t of had this reaction I used the ultra calming shampoo conditioner states it’s naturual and hypoallergenic and tear free clearly not. Easter was great thanks so much for coming aprilfool holiday bunny love marc jacobs louis vuitton madonna. I don’t know if i’m making this up but i’ve been looking for the eyelash curler rubber refills was that ever a thing if so my local walmart target and ulta stores do not carry this item anymore i’d rather not buy a new curler every time I need to replace the rubber part because it loses its shape thanks in advance Official Awesome Lips Brown Sugar Melanin shirt

Awesome Lips Brown Sugar Melanin shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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